What You Should Know about Secret Supperclubs

Things to Know about Secret Supperclubs

1. Presumably, supperclubs have their origin in Cuba.
For cost reasons, friends, neighbours, and strangers mutually met for dinner in their private rooms. The supperclub idea has found its way to the US, England, the Netherlands, and Germany for quite a while now and is becoming a mega trend of the independent, non-commercial cooking scene.

In Germany, most of all supperclubs are in Berlin. They are still seldom in rural areas.

2. The Secret Supperclub Lüneburger Heide (we that is) offers private, joint cooking and dining among friends and acquaintances, neighbours, and unknown people in irregular intervals. We see ourselves as venue of cultural exchange across all cultural borders. Openness and tolerance towards different facets and styles of living are near and dear to us.

As hosts, we offer joint cooking and dining ourselves quite often. We are hobby cooks and present to you our favourite Thai dishes. Ayurveda cuisine is explained to you by experienced Ayurveda therapists, both in theory and practical cooking exercises.

Sometimes other amateur cooks also cook with us, such as countrywomen from Lunenburg Heath, Wendland, Elbtalaue, hobby cooks from all over Germany, the neighbouring and even exotic countries. We assist all those amateur chefs in our role as hosts.

All cooks have something in common: They take delight in cooking and making their favourite dishes, specialities, etc, from their native countries in best quality and fresh always. They disclose their cooking secrets to the dinner’s participants, also. Fun, delight in special dishes, and culinary pleasure always come first!

3. Superclubs are unconventional, that is a dinner can take place in private rooms or other unusual locations, for instance, in historic buildings, sheepfolds, lodges, structurally complete houses, water mills, charcoal burner’s or old cabins, taverns, empty factory halls, in the open on a potato field, or other unusual but, always private places. Over here, that is at the Secret Supperclub Lüneburger Heide, cooking and dining often takes place in our structurally complete private house which offers an unconventional ambience. With a base area of approx. 160 qm, it has the ideal size for cooking, dining, and passing a convivial evening with groups of up to 18.

There are further private rooms in the upper floor which are available to our guests for a overnight stay in future but, for one night only and without service. A voluntary contribution would be nice.

4. There is absolutely no intent to make a profit and no business exists (everything is private!).

5. Costs are covered by donations and any surplus is forwarded to public non-profit organizations. Fair behaviour between hosts and guests (between themselves, also) is our supperclub philosophy.

6. Because of the Secret Supperclub’s private character, there are no conditions imposed by public health and trace offices, of course, there is no liquor licence.

7. One could think that secret supperclubs are in a grey area in Germany and probably that makes their special charm and secret of success. Actually, however, each and every secret supperclub meeting is just a purely private event.

8. The private events take place 4 times a year, in irregular intervals.
Tip: Please register quickly before all seats are taken.

9. For the Secret Supperclub Lüneburger Heide, openness rules between cooks and participants. For example, should a participant suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, you should tell us beforehand in writing by e-mail so we can prepare appropriately. In any case, all participants are self-responsible in this respect during the whole course of the event until its end.

10. Participation is on one’s own risk and the hosts do not take any warranty of any kind.

11. For the Secret Supperclub Lüneburger Heide, it is understood: Exact location, date, time, meals (menus/ buffets), and donation amount are announced by e-mail shortly before the event takes place.

It is a private club. There are no adverts. Communication and registration solely are handled over the Internet—or from mouth to mouth (your recommendation is greatly appreciated).

12. Where is the Secret Supperclub Lüneburger Heide? Just that: In the rural area between the eastern Lunenburg Heath and the Elbtalaue. Can you keep a secret?

A secret supperclub is a pleasantly fresh leap into cold water. Tough enough to get into something exotic? Then just register, alone or with your group. Apply for a Secret Supperclub dinner here.

All events taking place in the sphere of the Secret Supperclub are organized privately and conducted without any intent to realize a profit.